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Top 20 Tools for Android Development

Top 20 Tools for Android Developmen
Top 20 Tools for Android Developmen

According to Statista, the Google Play store had over two.8 million golem apps on the market for transfer as of March 2017. That’s on top of the Apple App Store’s two.2 million and Microsoft Windows’ 669,000 on the market apps.

Given that there area unit far more golem mobile devices on the market these days than the otherOS, the demand for apps and fully fledgedgolem application developers is simply planning to still increase within the future. If you’ve already learned the professionals and cons of developing for Android from our dedicated article, you'll have an interest during this topic still.

Android developers area unit able to churn out of these apps a lot of quicker and a lot ofexpeditiously due to a cornucopia of subtle, integrated development environments (IDEs) still as alternative time-saving tools and applications. There area unit some golemdevelopment solutions that tend to point out up over and once again on golem developers’ “favorites” lists.

Here area unit the highest twenty favorite tools presently getting used for golem application development

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1. golem Studio:-

Top 20 Tools for Android Developmen
Top 20 Tools for Android Developmen

As the official integrated development surroundings for all golem applications, golemStudio always looks to high the list of most popular tools for developers.

Google created golem Studio back in 2013. It replaced – or ought to we are saying it eclipsed? – Eclipse golem Development Tools (ADT) because the primary IDE for native golem app development.

Android Studio provides code redaction, debugging, associate degreed testing tools all at intervals an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. it's unengaged to transfer and is supported not solely by Google, howeverconjointly by an outsized and actively engaged community of golem developers

2. ADB (Android rectify Bridge):-

Android Studio includes the golem rectifyBridge, that could be a command-line tool or “bridge” of communication between golemdevices and alternative computers that may be used throughout development and also theoverall debugging and QA method.

By connecting associate degree golem device to the event computer and coming into a series of terminal commands, a developer is in a positionto create modifications as required to eachdevices.

3. AVD Manager:-

Another helpful feature of golem Studio is the AVD Manager, the short type for golem Virtual Device. The AVD Manager is associate degreesoul accustomed run golem apps on a pc. this enables developers the power to figure with all kinds of golem devices to check responsiveness and performance on totally different versions, screen sizes, and resolutions.

4. Eclipse:-

As we have a tendency to mentioned on top of, there was Eclipse before there was golemStudio. For an extended time, Eclipse was the formally most popular IDE for all Android application development.

Even though Google now not offers support for Eclipse, several developers still use it to formgolem and alternative cross-platform apps, because it works all right with many alternativeprogramming languages.

5. Fabric:-

Fabric is the event platform behind Twitter’s mobile application. It offers developers the power to create higher mobile apps by providing them with a set of “kits” that they will decideand select from. These kits embrace everything from beta-testing to promoting and advertising tools.

Google purchased cloth from Twitter in Januaryof 2017. Uber, Spotify, Square, Groupon, Yelp, and a lot of big-name corporations have utilisedcloth in developing their mobile applications.

6. FlowUp:-

FlowUp permits you to observe the performance of all of your production apps. Handy dashboards allow you to keep track of your stats and metrics, together with mainframe and disk usage, memory usage, frames per second, bandwidth, and more.

FlowUp could be a monthly subscription-based SaaS answer with evaluation determined by the full variety of users within the company.

7. GameMaker: Studio:-

For golem game developers, one among the foremost fashionable development tools is GameMaker: Studio. GameMaker provides everything you wish to form second games mistreatment little or no code. it's an especiallyeasy application with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

GameMaker: Studio is targeted to beginner and novice vice developers.

8. Genymotion:-

Another golem soul, Genymotion helps developers take a look at associate degreed preview an application on over three,000 device eventualities. Genymotion is fashionable among vice developers as a result of it comes with pre-installed normal golem pictures and graphics that area unit quite helpful within the testing method. It conjointly provides larger speed than testing associate degree app on associate degree actual golem device.

Genymotion could be a cross-platform development tool and supports many alternativeprogramming languages and environments.

9. Cradle:-

Back in 2013, Google endorsed Gradle as a build system for golem apps.

Based on Apache genius and Apache hymenopteran, Gradle is one among the foremost fashionable development tools for making large-scale applications involving Java.

Developers like mistreatment Gradle in conjunction with golem Studio as a result of it’s terribly straightforward to feature external libraries employing a single line of code.

10. IntelliJ plan

Top 20 Tools for Android Developmen
Top 20 Tools for Android Developmen

From the developers at JetBrains, IntelliJ IDEA is designed for final technologist productivity. It’s very quick and options a full suite of development tools right out of the box.

At $149 per annum, IntelliJ plan actually isn’t low cost. However, there's a free, open supplycommunity edition on the market and also thefull extended version is unengaged to students for one year.

11. Instabug:-

Instabug is employed by a number of the foremost recognizable names within thetechnical school world, together with Yahoo, PayPal, Lyft, BuzzFeed, and Mashable for beta testing and bug coverage. Instabug permits beta testers and user teams to share screenshots and careful error logs with developers throughoutthe QA and debugging method.

You can check in for a free trial of Instabug and so it’s custom-priced supported the quantity of team members, apps, and overall length of the project engagement.

12. LeakCanary

Developed by the parents behind sq., LeakCanary is associate degree ASCII text fileJava library that produces it easier to notice and proper memory leaks in your application. Whenever a leak happens, LeakCanary forthwith notifies you. Then you'll utilize the constitutional stack trace to repair the matter or problems.

LeakCanary is accessible on GitHub.

13. NimbleDroid:-

NimbleDroid is a testing platform that enablesyou to see your finished golem app for memory leaks, bugs, and alternative problems beforepublication on Google Play. victimizationNimbleDroid helps to unencumber app developers’ time and speed up the QA method, serving to to induce the app to promote quicker.

Companies like Mozilla, Yahoo, and Pinterest have all used NimbleDroid to check their applications. personalised valuation is out theresupported customers’ specific desires and rangeof users.

14. RAD Studio:-

RAD Studio is AN integrated development surroundings that enables you to put in writing, compile, package, and deploy cross-platform applications. It provides support for the totaldevelopment lifecycle leading to one supplycodebase which will be recompiled and redeployed.

RAD Studio is that the most costly resolution on the list, with the skilled edition beginning at $2,286.00. A free trial is additionally out there.

15. Stetho:-

Stetho is AN golem debugging tool created by Facebook. it's a free ASCII text file platform that enables access to a Chrome Developer Tools feature native to the desktop browser.

Stetho options a network examination operatefor image preview, JSON response helpers, and commercialism traces to the HAR format.

16. supply Tree:-

SourceTree is a free, ASCII text file tool that enables you to manage dirty dog repositories through its easy dirty dog interface. See all of your changes and branches clearly while nothaving to put in writing one instruction. SourceTree additionally permits you to stage and discard changes by the file, hunk, or line.

SourceTree is compatible with each Windows and mackintosh.

17. Unity 3D:-

Unity 3D is a cross-platform game development surroundings used for making difficult, graphics-intensive mobile games like those containing virtual or increased reality.

You can still use Unity 3D to form easier 2D-based vice experiences, however it's additionalgenerally used for advanced vice development.

18. Unreal Engine:-

Another advanced vice development platform, Unreal Engine is a free, ASCII text file, cross-platform resolution for making high-level interactive games.

Unreal Engine is in style among game designers as a result of it options the Blueprint system that limits the requirement for tons of committal to writing. Designers with marginaldevelopment or committal to writing expertisewill utilize Unreal Engine to form their own advanced vice experiences.

19. Visual Studio with Xamarin:-

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s official integrated development surroundings and may be a free tool for developers to use. It supports manytotally different programming languages and once combined with Xamarin, it are oftenutilised to form native Windows, Android, and iOS applications.

Backed by Microsoft’s legendary support, Visual Studio is that the go-to selection for developers wanting to form cross-platform applications and games.

20. Vysor

Vysor is AN mortal resolution that permits you to “mirror” AN golem device to a laptop in order that you'll management it from your keyboard. It additionally permits you to screencast from your device throughout conferences and demos.

Vysor is compatible with all operative systems. It’s not free however it's terribly cheap at $2.50 per month, $10 annually, or $40 for a time period license.

Top 20 Tools for Android Developmen
Top 20 Tools for Android Developmen

In conclusion:-

There are actually many alternative helpful tools like these out there for golem development. every developer has their own personal preference for what tools and environments they work with supported the actual application they're developing.

As the demand for golem applications continues to grow, the pool of platforms and solutions that facilitate save developers time whereas serving to to supply higher quality apps can stillincrease additionally.

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